"Running the Silk Road" in Taiwan
The Home Expedition

Kevin Lin, Jodi Bloomer and China Trust CEO Mike Denoma joined hands with Taiwanese celebrities and future running stars as they crossed the finish line at Taipei Gymnasium Monday afternoon.  Escorted by Taiwan's Harley Davidson Chapter and logistic supported by Volkswagen Taiwan, the threesome started their 400km ultra-marathon last Tuesday from Kaohsiung's Morning Glory Pier.  Lin's deep love for his country and countrymen inspired him to run this extra 400km from the south to northern Taiwan before the long Expedition which begins in Turkey next month.  Supported by colleagues, friends, fans and local stars along the way, Lin, Bloomer and Denoma ran through ten counties on paved roads.  They had the opportunity to meet local mayors, see artistic performances from school children, pray in historic temples and run with fellow athletes.  They ran through sun, wind and rain.  After a successful kickoff to “Running the Silk Road” in Taiwan, Lin, Bloomer and the amazing team at T.H.E. are now doing last minute preparations for their departure in 10 days.